Benefits of Financial Planning

At True Financial the benefits of financial planning are not just financial. Other benefits such as peace of mind, freedom to pursue your dreams, security for your family are all just part of the package. In our table below we have outlined the numerous benefits that we give to our clients.

Life without True Financial Life with True Financial
No goal setting An advisor that you can talk to that will help you clarify what you are trying to achieve in life and give you perspective
Vague Plans that don’t focus your efforts A clearly defined plan that has identified your life goals and the strategies you need to follow to ensure your success
Learning from experience – that comes with some winning and some losing decisions An advisor that uses all their experience and expertise to ensure that any financial decisions will benefit you and your family long into the future
Totally bombarded with information that doesn’t fit your circumstances Information that you can use as it’s tailored for your circumstances
No certainty on being able to pay for any private schooling or tertiary courese for your children Children’s education funds planned for and a plan for achieving this implemented
No idea when you could retire and how much money you will need to retire on Planned retirement date and you know exactly how much money you need to retire on – taking the stress of retirement away
Impulsive financial decisions with implications Understanding the implications of your spending – through budgeting and setting financial goals
Uncaptured surpluses/missed benefits – through no goal setting and plans to achieve Financial Strategies and Targets to make the most of your financial circumstances
Lack of time to ensure that your financial decisions will benefit you An advisor that spends time focusing on your financial goals and decisions to ensure that they will benefit you
All alone without support through hard economic times An advisor to call when setbacks and potholes of life come along
Uncertainity, sleepless nights Peace of mind, confidence and security

As a boutique financial planning firm we believe that advice should be in the clients interests first and tailored to what they want to achieve in their life. This fiduciary relationship is catered for in our fee for service approach and our high standard of education for our fee only planner. Our fees are disclosed upfront and are based on the amount of work in developing your strategy and the ongoing relationship you require to keep you on track, and we do not receive investment commissions. Just two more important benefits of using True Financial!

If you want an advisor that is on your side and to help you through the pitfalls of life give us a call today. (07) 3169 2570.

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